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Teens Wreck Mercedes, Flee On Foot

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Ruben Torres was sitting in his home on Carter Street just past noon on Thursday watching TV when he said he heard a strange sound.

“I heard something like a big gust of wind going by on the street,” Torres said. And then he heard the impact. A teen driving a grey Mercedes E-420 sedan had lost control of the vehicle which jumped a curb, knocked down a fence in one yard and then careened through the front yard of a bordering home. The car tore up large chunks of ground and inlaid stone, knocking down mailboxes and coming to a rest only feet from the front door of the second home. Neighbors said a young female who was driving the car and a male teen with her exited the car and fled on foot.

“They were just flying through here,” Torres said as he stood in the middle of Carter Street looking over at the home belonging to his friend, neighbor and military veteran Dave Hill, who Torres said was out at an area lake. As he spoke – Torres said he had already contacted Hill by phone – Bastrop police and firefighters had responded; there was no apparent fire, or even smoke coming from the vehicle.

Tina Pitts, another neighbor who had also come outside her home immediately after the wreck, said, “I was inside my home and heard when they hit the fence – it was loud and it scared me,” Pitts said.

The two youths exited the car, which had come to rest only inches from a fence on the far side of Hill’s front yard. The car’s front left side had heavy damage, with the fender dangling off and the left wheel buckled outward at 90 degrees. A wrecker had to haul off the car.

“I saw them walking away (from the accident), and I knew they were trying to get away, so I went inside and called 911,” Pitts said, adding that she saw Torres trying to talk to the duo.

Torres said he called out to the teens, “You can’t (return) to school” after they had told him they needed to get back to Bastrop High School. Torres said he was astounded that they were trying to leave the accident scene. He said he told the teens that it was a felony to leave the scene of an accident, but they ignored him and kept on walking away. “She was nervous – she knew she was in trouble,” Torres said of the driver. (Actually, a driver who leaves the scene of an accident could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances, according to law.)

Over a scanner Bastrop Police could be heard communicating with one another that they had spotted a girl who fit the description given by the neighbors. She was spotted by police along Hawthorne Street and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

A press release Friday from Bastrop Police Dept. Detective Vicky Steffanic said the “juvenile driver was located, uninjured” and “taken into custody.” Charges were filed for “Duty upon striking a fixed object” and a citation was issued for not having a driver’s license. “Bastrop ISD (i.e. ‘School District’) Police may be investigating other potential charges involving the juvenile,” according to the press release.

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