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Take Caution With More Rain In Forecast

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By Terry Hagerty

Abundant  rains earlier this week could be a forewarning of what the Colorado River could do again over this Memorial Day weekend – spilling over its banks and flooding parts of Fisherman’s Park. Also, rescues of people who ventured across flooded low-water crossings, could occur again if they don’t heed posted signs and use common sense. With weather forecasters predicting anywhere to from 2-6 inches in the greater Austin area over the next three days, Bastrop County residents should take care when either near the Colorado River or any of the multiple low-water crossings in the County, officials warned.

At 8 a.m. Monday morning (May 18) the LCRA reported that the Colorado River downstream of Austin to Matagorda Bay remained elevated due to the rains from the day before: “The Colorado River at Bastrop and Smithville is currently above ‘bank full’ stage,” according to the LCRA. The river in Bastrop was flowing Monday at a substantial rate: 16,717 cubic feet per second at 1:25 p.m. and in Smithville at 17,766 cfs – versus 7,279 cfs at Bay City near the coast. In other words, the river’s current was much more forceful in the Bastrop/Smithville areas. On Sunday, May 17 Bastrop’s average flow had been only 2,891 cfs.

In Fisherman’s Park, waters on Monday were well up the concrete boating ramp, necessitating the city to place orange cones to keep vehicles and boaters from the swift flowing current only feet from the flooded riverbanks. But several fishermen were enjoying fishing, with one fisherman saying it was good time to catch catfish. However, city officials cautioned that fishing is “at your own risk” with danger only feet away.

Public Works Director Trey Job said that Water Well F – a city water well in Fisherman’s Park that provides drinking water for city residents – and which was partially covered in flooded waters from the Colorado –  was “all sealed” up and protected.

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