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Truck swept into creek, man rescued

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Bastrop County firefighters rescued a man from a truck swept from a road into a creek on Caldwell Road near Hwy. 21 Sunday afternoon.

The scene was touch and go for a while after a radio communication was initially heard at 1:31 p.m.: “Occupant in vehicle – completely underwater.” At 1:44 p.m. a radio communicator added, “One person we can see” in a tree, two (rescue personnel) going in on a boat.”

Kevin Giesalhart, Chief of the Five Points Volunteer Fire Department, said the man was in a tree about 100 yards downstream from the crossing – after he was able to escape from his truck – when rescuers tied a life jacket to a rope upstream and floated it down to him. Once the man put on the jacket, he was rescued. At 2:10 p.m. Giesalhart communicated: “Victim and rescuers out of the water – stand down.”

One helicopter was at the scene and a second helicopter – a Blackhawk (designated Task Force One) – was en route from College Station, then called off when the rescue occurred. Giesalhart said the man apparently ignored and drove around a portable sign placed in the middle of the road that warned of “high water.” Multiple low-water crossings across Bastrop County had barricades put up through late morning and into the afternoon as saturated ground received even more rains today. Officials are warning motorist to pay attention to warning signs/barricades and not drive around them.

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