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Blaze destroys local firefighter’s home

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Firefighter Robert Peavy was on his way to training with fellow firefighters around 7 p.m. Thursday when they heard radio traffic they weren’t expecting – Peavy’s home in the 1600 block of FM 2571 near Smithville was on fire.

Peavy’s wife, daughter and son were able to get away from the flames, but the home was a total loss except for some clothes and a few other items the family was able to salvage. Also, a Chevy Suburban parked next to the home caught fire and was destroyed. Peavy’s daughter was transported to Seton Smitvhille Regional Hospital for smoke inhalation, but was OK.

Peavy, president of the Five Points Volunteer Fire Department and a firefighter for nearly three decades, described the initial moments of the fire – from both what he heard on the fire channel and what he heard from his family moments after he arrived.
“My wife was in the kitchen and my daughter was in her bedroom – my son was outside tending to his animals,” Peavy related. He says it looks like the fire may have started on the porch of the one-story home with three bedrooms.

“We believe the refrigerator (on the porch) caught on fire,” Peavy said.

David Gahagan, Assistant Fire Chief with the 3-N-1 Volunteer Fire Department, as well as the Incident Commander for the fire, said he also saw a blossoming fire on the porch as he arrived, as did an Austin firefighter who happened to be driving by and called in the fire. (Beside 3-N-1, firefighters from Smithville and Five Points responded).

At 9:10 p.m., a communication was heard over a police scanner: “Mop-up is completed.”

On Sunday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.,  a pancake fundraiser will be held for Peavy and family in Cedar Creek, at the Bluebonnet Volunteer Fire Department station at 5554 FM 535 (just east of the Hwy. 21/FM 535 intersection). Call 512-321-4099 to find out how to donate, if you can’t make the fundraiser.

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