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A ‘tense’ standoff north of Paige

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A tense situation that resulted in the call-out of the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team ended without injury Wednesday night just north of Paige. But not before some very tense moments occurred, including an officer saying an armed woman might have to be shot “if she engages deputies.”

According to an incident report/call log provided by Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sissy Jones, the woman texted her “partner” that she was “in the woods with a shotgun” near a residence on Stockade Ranch Road, which runs northeast of Paige. The woman also had a history of “attempted suicide by cop,” according to the partner, who contacted authorities. At one point an officer on the scene could be heard over a police scanner saying there was “a suicidal (person) in the woods with a shotgun.” Jones said the women was also reportedly intoxicated.

A helicopter from Austin Police Department was provided to aid in the search for the woman as a cordon was set up, and at one point search dogs were being considered for use, but were called off. Another officer/deputy who could be heard on the scanner reported, “We’re parked all along Stockade Ranch Road,” to arriving additional law enforcement, including DPS.

Another communication to dispatch noted that the woman “has weapons training and knows how things escalate.” Officers were also phoning the woman and sending text messages almost continuously. A few moments later an officer could be heard to say that if the woman “engages deputies – we will have to shoot.”

“Eventually (the woman) was talked down by deputies and taken into custody,” Jones said, after she exited a parked truck near the residence. Jones added the woman’s shotgun turned out to not be loaded. A second person, also with a shotgun is mentioned in the incident report, but no further details are given in report. The woman was taken to St. David’s Hospital for “emergency detention.”

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