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BREAKING NEWS: Bees attack Bastrop family

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A Bastrop family was attacked by a swarm of bees and fled back inside their house during the noon hour on Wednesday, but appear to be recovering after first responders reached the scene.

The unfurling of the attack on a man, his wife and daughter outside their home on Leisure Lane could be heard on a police scanner at 12:26 p.m. from a dispatcher at the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office: “Man stung by bees over 50 times. His daughter has also been stung – she’s asthmatic.” First responders on the scene then reported: “The bees are still swarming” and that the family had gone inside the home. One responder warned the next responders coming to the scene: “Do not use the back door (to contact the family)…use the front door – the bees are out back.”

A short time later, a report was heard over the scanner: “There’s just a few bees flying around now, not finding a swarm.” EMS reported “two patients with multiple stings, non-allergic reaction.” Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Sissy Jones reported that the man had been transported to a hospital, but which hospital was unknown at the time. Jones added she wasn’t aware of any other recent reports of bee attacks in the area.

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