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Council considers a host of City business

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Bastrop’s ‘look for the future’ in the greater downtown area will be better monitored with the approval of Form Based Code during the Bastrop City Council’s regular meeting on Tuesday night. There were congratulations all around as City Planner Melissa McCollum said the code had been over three years in its formation.

The plan basically sets out “character zones” that will have any new structures/building-efforts having to mesh with the look of businesses and neighborhoods already in place. Members of the volunteer Form Based Code Task Force who were in the audience got a standing ovation.

Police Chief Steve Adcock presented to the council the police department’s Annual Racial Profiling Report. One slide he put up on a display screen, title “Motor Vehicle Contacts,” i.e, vehicle stop, had the following figures: Caucasian (618), Hispanic (245), African-American (100), Asian (8), Middle Eastern (7), Native American (0). But Adcock added those figures might be off by a few because sometimes officers didn’t ask what a person’s racial class was, if it wasn’t apparent from driver’s license or a just looking at the person. He also said the Texas driver’s licenses used to list Hispanic as White/Caucasian.

Adcock also was commended by the Council for recently beginning a series of “reach-out” meetings with community members the department has been holding to ensure good communications. The first meeting was with mainly African-American and Hispanic community members. “We plan to meet every quarter (of the year),” Adcock informed the council, referring to receiving input from the various racial groups within the city.

Fred Blood, an air-quality specialist with the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) of Central Texas, gave a fascinating presentation on air-quality status and measures for Central Texas, including the Bastrop area.

The Council also received its Unaudited Monthly (City) Financial Reports and Quarterly Investment Report.

Tenille West, a student at the Colorado River Collegiate Academy, received sustained applause from the Council and the audience after giving an impressive speech on the Character Trait of the Month – “self reliance.” She urged students and adults to “expand your horizon and knowledge,” while adding, “With every chance (taken), there’s risk involved.”

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