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Southside Market in Bastrop Fires Up Barbecue Fantasies

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Watching the smoker pit roll down the street towards the new Southside Market in Bastrop was like watching a rock star’s tour bus roll into town. With cameras from the Bastrop Creative Agency at the ready, the trailer rumbled up the uneven dirt and rock driveway to the construction site. As I stood in the mid-morning summer heat, I felt the excitement that one of the powerhouses in Texas barbecue was finally here in Bastrop, Texas. One of my favorite institutions was now my neighbor.

Crewmen hooked the smoker to a crane at the back of the restaurant. I hid away in a corner of the site like a child staying up late on to see Santa on Christmas Eve. Part wide-eyed wonder, part giddy excitement. Looking up towards the sky anticipating all manners of goodies coming my way.

Ever since I returned to Bastrop in June after a year away at school, I’d been anticipating the grand opening of Southside Market and Wednesday morning we inched just a bit closer. Set to open in the Fall, each new addition adds more dreams of fresh pork steaks and perfectly smoked brisket, delicious sausage and fall-off-the-bone beef ribs.

Soon we’ll all get to see those smokers in action and truly understand what all the hype was about.

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